Privacy Policy

User privacy is important for the company Pátio das Margaridas – Apoio ao Turismo e Lazer, Lda., Ahead called PÁTIO DAS MARGARIDAS.

PÁTIO DAS MARGARIDAS undertakes to guarantee confidentiality and privacy in the collection and processing of the data of its Customers and Users, complying with its obligations under the General Regulation on Data Protection, having for this purpose developed the present Privacy Policy. Privacy.

General scope:
PÁTIO DAS MARGARIDAS is responsible for this Privacy Policy. This covers this website, as well as other websites, microsites, forms and documents that mention the said policy.
Within the scope of this Privacy Policy, PÁTIO DAS MARGARIDAS defined as: the Customer: any entity that purchases our products; and the User: any visitor to this website, as well as other sites and microsites that mention said policy and / or subscribers to our list of electronic content (Newsletter).

PÁTIO DAS MARGARIDAS reserves the right to update or modify its Privacy Policy at any time, namely, in order to adapt it to legislative changes. The user is therefore advised to visit this page regularly.

By using this website, you are giving your consent for the collection and use of the information.
PÁTIO DAS MARGARIDAS may at any time modify, add or delete any of its website’s privacy policies ( by updating the content on this page.

Data collected:
PÁTIO DAS MARGARIDAS collects data from its Customers and Users, by submitting existing forms for this purpose, in digital and / or physical format. PÁTIO DAS MARGARIDAS is the entity responsible for the collection and treatment of this data, deciding the categories of data collected, what is their treatment and the purposes that it will give to them. All procedures carried out in an automated and non-automated way that allow the collection, organization, storage, modification and transfer of personal data will be considered as “treatment of personal data”.

Use of data:
The data collected by PÁTIO DAS MARGARIDAS is intended for the communication process with Customers and Users, processing information requests, statistical analysis, as well as the respective use for direct marketing purposes.

Data access:
PÁTIO DAS MARGARIDAS does not disclose to third parties any personal data of its Customers and Users, without their consent, except (1) when it comes to Group companies, or (2) when necessary for employees, employees, suppliers or PÁTIO DAS MARGARIDAS business partners may provide a product or service or perform a function on behalf of PÁTIO DAS MARGARIDAS, or (3) when required or permitted by law.
PÁTIO DAS MARGARIDAS will take reasonable precautions to ensure that its employees or collaborators with access to personal data receive training appropriate to its correct processing, respecting this policy and legal data protection obligations. In case of non-compliance, PÁTIO DAS MARGARIDAS will apply disciplinary sanctions to its employees and collaborators.
Whenever PÁTIO DAS MARGARIDAS discloses the user’s personal data, it will safeguard compliance with the Personal Data Protection Law, namely through the provision of contractual provisions that ensure that the third party uses the data received only for the specified purposes, and in accordance with the purposes described in this policy, and which uses appropriate security means, in order to protect the user’s personal data against illegal or unauthorized treatment as well as against accidental loss, destruction or other harmful actions.

Data storage:
PÁTIO DAS MARGARIDAS keeps the data of its customers and Users on its servers located in Portugal. These servers are protected and maintained according to high security standards and in order to respect applicable privacy laws.

Data Storage Time:
The period of time for the storage and conservation of the personal data of Customers and Users of PÁTIO DAS MARGARIDAS varies according to the purpose.
The personal data of the Users of our website and microsites will be kept until they remain active, being deleted with the end of this use.
The personal data provided for the purposes of our email content distribution list will be stored until the end of its use. In this case, Customers and Users can cancel the subscription of alerts at any time through the opt-out option provided in the Newsletters.
Customer data and other specific data to be kept for compliance with the legal obligations of PÁTIO DAS MARGARIDAS may be extended for a maximum period of up to 10 years (in accordance with article 130 of the Corporate Income Tax Code), end of which they will be eliminated.

Data security:
PÁTIO DAS MARGARIDAS has taken the necessary technical and organizational measures to adequately protect your data regarding processing and unauthorized access.
PÁTIO DAS MARGARIDAS makes every reasonable effort to avoid unauthorized or illegal use of the user’s personal data, as well as its loss, destruction or damage. However, PÁTIO DAS MARGARIDAS cannot provide an absolute guarantee regarding the User’s data. Whenever there is a leak, loss or violation of personal data that is likely to imply a high risk to the rights and freedoms of its Clients and Users, PÁTIO DAS MARGARIDAS will: Notify, within 72 hours after becoming aware of what happened , the supervisory authorities;
Communicate the situation in time to the holder (s) of the affected data.
PÁTIO DAS MARGARIDAS guarantees the security of the user’s personal data through the following means: (1) use of encryption with a certificate in all website communications, (2) use of a password to access the website; and (3) limiting access to personal data (for example, access only to PÁTIO DAS MARGARIDAS employees or workers who need access to them for the purposes described above).

External Links:
The PÁTIO DAS MARGARIDAS website, microsites and social platforms may contain links to other websites and email addresses of companies not belonging to PÁTIO DAS MARGARIDAS. This privacy policy does not apply to those websites and email addresses. If the User accesses a link available on the PÁTIO DAS MARGARIDAS website, microsites and social platforms to another website and provides personal data on that website, the processing of the data will be subject to the privacy statement of that website.

The PÁTIO DAS MARGARIDAS website uses cookies in certain areas.
Cookies are files that store information on the user’s hard drive or browser, allowing websites to recognize you and know that you have visited them before. The user can configure his browser to refuse cookies, but in this case, the website or parts of it may not work correctly. Cookies are used to monitor and analyze the use of the website, allowing PÁTIO DAS MARGARIDAS to better identify and serve the User.

User rights:
According to the Personal Data Protection Law, the user is entitled to obtain information about his personal data. You have the right to know that personal data has been processed by PÁTIO DAS MARGARIDAS, and may also require it to correct, complement, block or eliminate the data in whole or in part if they are found to be incomplete, incorrect or irrelevant for processing purposes.
The data update must be communicated by the user himself using the form created for the purpose or via email
If you wish, at any time, to stop being part of the PÁTIO DAS database
MARGARIDAS may exercise that right by contacting us via email